School Crisis Response Options

Are you ready to survive an active shooter?

As alarming as this is to read it is a reality that everyone must deal with. If you are a true leader who is focused on the safety of your students, faculty and staff you should be asking yourself this question at the beginning and end of each day.

So are you ready?

At the Institute of School Safety and Security we deal daily with the realty that it CAN happen here. The response to an active shooter is all about options and training. There is no one scenario that can cover every armed intruder situations. We have been developing and modifying our response training modules since 1995.

teen with gun in hand and school in the distance

What we can do for you: Make you ready

Safety is a combination of prevention, risk assessment and crisis response options.

  • We will conduct a thorough risk assessment.
  • We will recommend target hardening options beginning with school safety through environmental design.
  • We will design a custom training for your specific location.
  • We will introduce the training to administrators and Staff.
  • We will train all your employees and students.


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